Updated: Jan 5

We have been going through some of the most popular and easily accessible non-alcoholic lagers to make sure dry Jan gets just that little bit easier. Although you can't replicate the exact taste of a Peroni, or a freshly poured San Miguel at your favourite pub, you can still have the refreshing taste of a relaxing drink at the end of a hard day.

Number 1:

San Miguel 0,0% - This beer is the most authentic tasting non-alcoholic lager on the market. Holding a strong resemblance to its alcoholic counterpart, it is a great alternative.

Number 2:

Stella Artois 0,0% - A pleasant and refreshing non-alcoholic lager. Such a close call between this amazing non-alcoholic lager and our first place.

Number 3:

Birra Moretti 0,0% - Great with Mediterranean food, this is a very balanced lager. Not as authentic as number one and two on this list, but still a very nice non-alcoholic lager.

Number 4:

Becks Blue 0,0% - The most common lager to find in your local pub or restaurant. Tasty, refreshing, this is a nice alternative to alcoholic lager. The overall quality is not as high as other lagers on this list.

Number 5:

Heineken 0,0% - This is the second most common lager to find in your local pub or restaurant. We would advise other non-alcoholic beers on this list over this option. Reasonably tasty when drinking, doesn't pair well with food.

Number 6:

Peroni Libera 0,0% - This lager has only made this list due to how accessible it is within all major supermarkets and local shops. We would advise staying away from this lager alternative due to its distasteful aftertaste. It also is very uncharacteristic of its alcoholic version. There are many other great non-alcoholic lagers on the market. The lagers featured on this list are available at almost all supermarkets, local shops, pubs, and restaurants. Other better-tasting lagers are available but can be quite hard to source. Happy dry Jan and have fun!

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