Do you miss our English Garden Cocktail?

It's been a few weeks now since our English Garden cocktail got taken off our Delivery menu. We have had a flurry of messages for our version of the famous recipe!

Although there are hundreds of variations of this cocktail, we believe ours is the best! The sweet, yet gentle aromas of elderflower, apple, and fresh mint make for a summer classic.

Give our recipe a go and post your results on social media with the hashtag #FTTEnglishGarden



50ml-75ml Hendricks Gin (Depending on your preferred strength)

25ml Marie Brizard Elderflower Syrup 25ml Marie Brizard Mint Syrup Half a fresh lime cut into wedges

The leaves of two Mint Sprigs

Add a handful of medium-sized Ice Cubes

Top up the glass with half Apple Juice, half Soda Water

Garnish with the tip of a Mint Sprig


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